Harry Potter WU Fans Decode Hidden Text in Official Trailer

Fans of the (kinda) upcoming Harry Potter Wizards Unite have put together the secret message hidden in the game’s official trailer. It is a letter to a certain Auror, showing us that there’s a crisis in the global wizarding community. And there’s whispering about a group called London Five, who might be behind the whole thing.

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Harry Potter WU Fans Decode Hidden Text in Official Trailer
Harry Potter WU Fans Decode Hidden Text in Official Trailer

The official trailer for Harry Potter Wizards Unite has, if you pause at the right moment, strips of text strewn about. It seemed pretty evident that, if you put the whole thing together, you’d get some kind of hidden message or something. And, as is the case with any intense fandom, people have immediately jumped to decode the mystery. Now, thanks to Reddit user malcomjudd and several others, we have the message in its entirety, more or less. Turns out, it gives us some interesting hints as to what’s going on in the game.

Now, the trailer itself, as you can see below, makes it quite clear that the wizarding world is in quite the jeopardy. Muggles are seeing magic everywhere, which is growing ever more blatant; from cats playing with Snitches, across monster books attacking shop owners, to witches appearing on magazine covers, things are going very wrong. The hidden message basically confirms this. However, it also gives us some sense of scale. By that, I mean we get to see messages from Ministries of Magic across the world expressing their concerns. The letter is addressed to Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt, from Mathilda Grimblehawk, another high-ranking Ministry employee. Plus, it urges Kingsley to secrecy, so you can tell how tough the times are.

however, the most interesting part are several mentions of the London 5. Now, I don’t know if this group has ever been mentioned before; I’ve read the books, and I don’t remember them. However, it seems to me like these will be the bad guys. It sounds like they’re some kind of… magical terrorist group I guess. For what reason do they want to reveal the existence of magic to Muggles, I don’t know. But, I can’t wait to find out.

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