Harry Potter WU Spell Energy - How to Get Energy

Energy is one of the resources in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. It’s used to cast spells, which makes it one of the most important ones. The way it works and refills means you have to think about it constantly, and not waste it. A lot of people are wondering how to get energy after they’ve run out, which is what we’re going to explain in our Wizards Unite spell energy guide.

harry potter wizards unite spell energy
Harry Potter WU Spell Energy – How to Get Energy

How to get energy in Wizards Unite?

The short answer is: visit inns. Each visit will give you between 1 and 10 points of energy, with a 5 minute cooldown between visits. Reports indicate that inns that are far from other inns give more energy than those closely huddled together. There’s also a chance to get energy when visiting greenhouses, so check those out from time to time as well.

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But don’t make the mistake of using energy on greenhouse pots. It might seem like a good idea, but conserving energy for spellcasting purposes is a better choice. As you get better, you’ll spend less and less energy on encounters, simply by failing spells more rarely.

You can also spend gold on energy, but that’s a pricey pastime. If you want to use gold, your best bet would be to upgrade the spell energy capacity. The upgrade costs 150 gold, and increases your max energy by 10. You can get this even without spending real money – just keep doing daily assignments and collect treasures, and you’ll be there in a couple of weeks.

A lot of players are complaining about there not being any way to passively gain energy, or at least several kinds of points of interest that replenish it. Since that’s the way it worked in previous Niantic games, there’s still a chance they’ll rework the system to make it more generous.

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