Hitman Festive Paris Episode Free For a Limited Time

If you haven’t tried out the episodic Hitman, now’s the perfect time. IO Interactive have announced that the Paris episode will be free for all until January 5th, on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It consists of two missions, several escalation contracts and a bunch of challenges. If you download it before the above date, you’ll get to keep it forever, and your progress will be transferred should you choose to pick up the entire game later.

hitman paris episode free
Hitman Festive Paris Episode Free For a Limited Time

The Hitman Holiday Pack, as they’re calling it, will give you full access to Paris. This means the first story mission, Showstopper, as well as the festive Holiday Hoarders mission. There’s a Santa suit in there, up for grabs. The package also includes the Paris Challenge Pack (with over forty challenges), the two Escalation Contracts that take place in Paris, and any Elusive Target that might show up in the City of Light at a later date.

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It’s a meaty demo, basically, and should be more than enough to let you get a feel for the game. If you end up liking it, you can grab the Game of The Year edition, which contains all the episodes they’ve released, and your progress will transfer over, along with any achievements and trophies you may have unlocked.

In other Hitmanish news, those who already have the game will have the chance to chase two elusive targets this month – the Congressman and the Prince. Aside from that, the team at IO are going to drop ten featured contracts on December 21st, to give you someone to murder during the holidays. They’ve already mentioned they’ll start talking about the next Hitman game in 2018, but we’re not sure if that means this one won’t be getting another season. Stay tuned.

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