Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter, Give Heirloom or Ask Reward

The Acromantula is one of the scariest magical beasts that exist in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They can grow to be very big, and their venom is extremely deadly. And you are going to need to face one of these as part of the Absconder Encounter quest in Hogwarts Legacy. It is a very difficult fight, and once you bring back the heirloom to Edgar Adley, you will get a choice of two different responses. You can choose either to give the heirloom (“Here it is”), or to ask for money (“I’d like a reward”). So what should you do at the end of the Absconder Encounter quest in Hogwarts Legacy – give the heirloom, or ask for a reward? Here’s what both choices will result in.

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Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter, Give Heirloom or Ask Reward
Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter, Give Heirloom or Ask Reward

Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter Choice, Give Heirloom to Edgar Adley or Ask Reward

Once you have defeated the Absconder and retrieved the heirloom, your next step is to make your way back to Edgar Adley, the quest-giver. You will inform him of your success and he will be shocked and exhilarated that you managed to do this. Now you have two choices before you. You can either give him the Heirloom without asking for anything in return (the “Here it is” dialogue option). If you do this, he is going to be very happy and will give you 300 Galleons as a reward.

Or, you can try and ask him for some money (“I’d like a reward”). If you choose this option, he will be taken aback, and say that he was meaning to use this money to help fund the Hogwarts tuition of his deceased friend’s child. At this point, you can either back down (“Oh, then never mind”), or insist that he gives you something (“Maybe you can sell the watch.”). If you stand firm and tell him that you want the money, he will – understandably – be cross with you, but will give you 500 Galleons. As a consequence of this choice, you will no longer have the option to use his shop.

So what’s the best choice you can make here? Well, like most choices in the game, at the end it depends on what sort of character you want to play as. But still, the difference between 300 and 500 Galleons isn’t that big, and choosing to ask for a reward does result in the loss of being able to shop at Edgar Adley’s anymore. So unless you’re really strapped for cash, we’d say that, at least in this case, giving the heirloom is the superior choice.

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