Hogwarts Legacy Rescuing Rococo Niffler, Give, Keep or Ask for Money

In our Hogwarts Legacy Rescuing Rococo Niffler, Give, Keep or Ask for Money guide, we will show you what happens in each of the choices at the end of the quest. These include “Of course,” “For a fee,” and “I’m keeping him.” Depending on what you choose, the mission will conclude in a slightly different manner. So, let’s see how things shake out.

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hogwarts legacy rescuing rococo niffler give keep or ask for money
Hogwarts Legacy Rescuing Rococo Niffler, Give, Keep or Ask for Money

Hogwarts Legacy Rescuing Rococo Niffler Choices – Give, Keep or Ask for Reward

There are three choices regarding the Niffler in the Hogwarts Legacy Rescuing Rococo quest: “Of course,” “For a fee,” and “I’m keeping him.” Basically, the game lets you give Rococo back to its owner Agnes for free, ask for money, or keep the little guy. The choice doesn’t have any long-reaching consequences whatsoever. The only real difference is in the roleplaying aspect. Is your character someone who would demand an extra reward for their trouble? Or go so far as to not even give someone’s pet back? That’s pretty much all there is to it. Don’t fear any further repercussions; Agnes won’t try and get vengeance or anything.

With all that said, what happens in each of the Rescuing Rococo Niffler Hogwarts Legacy choices? Well, if you pick “Of course,” your character will hand Rococo to Agnes, you’ll get your rewards, and off you go. If instead you go with “for a fee,” Coffey won’t make much of a fuss. The quest will end on pretty much the exact same note, plus a few extra coins and one or two voice lines. The third choice, “I’m keeping him,” differs more significantly. You’ll get the same rewards, plus a Niffler for your collection. However, Agnes is going to be understandably very upset. Since there’s no morality meter in Hogwarts Legacy, this won’t matter, but it isn’t the most kind of actions.

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