Hogwarts Legacy Ackley Barnes Choice, Give Plant or Ask for Money

At the end of the Venemous Revenge side quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you will be given a choice of whether to give the plant without any fuss (“Happy to be rid of it”), or to ask for money beforehand (“I’d like to be paid”). So what is the optimal choice here – to immediately present it, or to demand a reward before that? Here’s what each Ackley Barnes choice in Hogwarts Legacy leads to, and what happens if you give the plant or ask for money.

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Hogwarts Legacy Ackley Barnes Choice, Give Plant or Ask for Money
Hogwarts Legacy Ackley Barnes Choice, Give Plant or Ask for Money

Hogwarts Legacy Give Ackley Barnes Plant or Ask for Money in Venomous Revenge Quest

When you meet Ackley Barnes in Hogwarts Legacy, he will present you with his plan – to have you steal a Venemous Tentacula from Alfred Lawley. Make sure that you remain out of sight, as you will automatically fail the quest if he catches you in the act. You can do this either by drinking an Invisibility potion, or by casting the Disillusionment charm. In any case, once you get back to Ackley Barnes with the Venemous Tentacula in your possession, you will be presented with two choices:

  • Happy to be rid of it.” If you select this option, you will promptly hand over the plant to Ackley Barnes. Naturally, he is going to be very, very pleased. For doing this for him, he will give you a reward, and you will also earn some XP for completing the quest itself.
  • “I’d like to be paid.” And if you decide not to give him the plant before he pays you – the result will be much the same. He will agree that you deserve a little something for your efforts, and will give you the same reward as in the first option.

What is the Best Ackley Barnes Choice in Hogwarts Legacy – Give Plant or Ask for Money?

So, as you can see, there’s really no discernable difference between these two options. You will get the same reward either way, and Ackley Barnes will be happy to have the Venemous Tentacula back. Hogwarts Legacy is filled with choices such as these, which don’t really result in any differences. So choose whichever option you prefer, this isn’t one of those decisions that will have any sort of consequences. Personally, we opted to give him the plant.

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