Hogwarts Legacy Take the Biscuit Choice, Give, Keep or Ask for Money

Should you return Biscuit the Mooncalf to Garnuff or keep it in Hogwarts Legacy? During your adventures across the vast open world of Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll stumble upon numerous denizens who need your help. And from most of them, you’ll receive the good old fetch-type quest, where they will ask you to bring them something. In this guide, we provide differences and consequences of Take the Biscuit Garnuff choices and see if you should give, keep, or ask for money for Biscuit the Mooncalf in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy Take the Biscuit Choice, Give, Keep or Ask for Money
Return Biscuit to Garnuff or Keep it in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy Take the Biscuit Choice, Give, Keep or Ask Garnuff for Money

Once you find and rescue Biscuit the Mooncalf (unless you stumble upon the “Cage Lock Missing” bug), you should return to your quest-giver, Garnuff the Goblin. We will not go into the details of this quest and how to complete it, as that’s not the topic of this guide. Rather, we will solely focus on the final stage of the quest, and that’s the decision on what you should do with Biscuit the Mooncalf. Thus, without further ado, here are the choices:

  • I’m sure she’ll be glad to be home.
  • I’d like to be compensated for my efforts.
  • She’s safer with me.

As always, there are essentially three choices here. Firstly, you can keep Biscuit. Secondly, you can return the mooncalf to Garnuff. Finally, you can ask for money. The option to return Biscuit seems like the most righteous thing to do. Garnuff deeply loves his pet, and he misses her a lot. Hence, if you give back Biscuit to Garnuff, you’ll receive the Beast Rescuer robe. That’s a cosmetic outfit for your collection. In addition, you’ll receive 180 XP and 300 gold. The outcome is precisely the same if you ask for money.

Lastly, you can choose to keep Biscuit instead of returning it to Garnuff. This will make the poor Goblin angry and disappointed in wizardkind. And you will find Biscuit the Mooncalf in your Vivarium! With that said, our guide is completed.

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