Hogwarts Legacy Animal Doors With Numbers Puzzle Solution

Puzzles have always been an integral part of every Harry Potter story. While every HP book and movie adaptation is about magic and friendship, they are still, at their heart – primarily mysteries in which characters need to figure out the solutions to various problems. This, of course, includes puzzles. Hogwarts Legacy continues this, well, legacy, as there are many puzzles that you’ll need to solve in the game. One of these is the Grand Staircase Door Puzzle with Triangle Symbols, which can be very tricky to figure out and get it to open. So if you were looking for the Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle With Animals and Numbers solution, you’ve come to the right place.

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Hogwarts Legacy Animal Doors With Numbers Puzzle Solution
Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle With Animals and Numbers

How to Unlock Door Puzzle with Numbers in Hogwarts Legacy

When you encounter these triangle doors, you will no doubt be confused over what you need to do here. The doors will have two numbers – one at the top, and the other at the bottom. Each number is surrounded by three smaller circles. One of these is a question mark and the other two can either be a smaller number or drawings of creatures. Your job here is to figure out what the question mark corresponds to so that you get the numerical result in the middle.

To do this, you will have to know what the creatures represent. Each of these creature drawings corresponds to a certain number. They are detailed in the Arithmancy Study Guide Page, which you can find in The Library Annex. To make this easier for you, we are going to list them all out here:

  • Owl – 0.
  • Unicorn – 1.
  • Horned Beast – 2.
  • Three-Headed Serpent – 3.
  • Owl on a Branch – 4.
  • Five-legged Beast – 5.
  • Salamander – 6.
  • Creature With Tentacles – 7.
  • Spider – 8.
  • Hydra – 9.

Now that you know what creature corresponds to which number, all that’s left to do is to figure out what number you need to set the question mark to. These question mark buttons are close to the Animal Doors With Numbers themselves. Once you have the correct combination, you will then be able to open the door and get your rewards in the room inside.

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