Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Fire Puzzle in Viaduct Courtyard Solution

In our Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Fire Puzzle in Viaduct Courtyard Solution guide, we are going to show you how to solve the bridge brazier fire puzzle in the Viaduct Courtyard. The game gives you a very solid clue near the puzzle, but doesn’t explain how it works. That’s what we’re for. Here’s the solution to the Viaduct Courtyard torch puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

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hogwarts legacy bridge fire puzzle in viaduct courtyard solution
Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Fire Puzzle in Viaduct Courtyard Solution

How to Solve Bridge Brazier Fire Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

To solve the brazier torch fire puzzle on the bridge in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to light the four braziers on both ends of the bridge. Naturally, you need the Incendio spell for this. After you light each brazier, you can then rotate them. You’ll notice that there are roman numerals at the bottom of each brazier, and a symbol below. You need to match the numeral with the correct symbol as shown on the “crest” at the western end of the bridge. By the way, the bridge itself is near the Viaduct Courtyard Floo Flame, which is in the Great Hall section of the castle. We’ll show you where it is in the images below.

The solution to the Hogwarts Legacy bridge brazier torch fire puzzle is as follows: the triangle with lines is I, the double circle is II, the triangle and circle is III, and the diamond is IV. So, that’s how you need to set all the braziers up. I don’t think we need to break it down in painstaking detail: just check which symbol is below each brazier, light the brazier, and rotate it to the correct number. After you get all four, the crest with the solution will open. Go down into the viaduct and cast Revelio to see the two chests. A smaller one is on the right about halfway down the path, and the large chest will be at the end, on the left.

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