Hogwarts Legacy Cressida Blume Choice, Ask Reward or Not

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will often need to make dialogue choices that determine your actions. Sometimes, the differences can mean just getting a few different lines of dialogue. But in other situations, the choices you make in conversations can lead to more significant outcomes. For example, at the end of the Flying Off The Shelves quest, you will be given a choice of whether to ask for a reward (“Perhaps a reward – to keep the diary a secret”) or not (“Here you go”). Which reply should you choose here? Here’s what each choice will lead to, so that you know whether to ask for a reward from Cressida Blume or not at the conclusion of this Hogwarts Legacy quest.

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Hogwarts Legacy Cressida Blume Choice, Ask Reward or Not
Hogwarts Legacy Cressida Blume Choice, Ask Reward or Not

Hogwarts Legacy Cressida Blume Ask Reward or Give Books Choice

Cressida Blume has accidentally enchanted several books – one of which is her own diary – to fly around the library. Naturally, she doesn’t want to get in trouble with the librarian, so she’s asked you to help her get these books back. There are five in total, and once you get them from the library, you go back to her to inform her of your success. Obviously very happy, she will ask you to give her the books. This is where the dialogue choice comes in.

You can, of course, simply give her the books by selecting the “Here you go” option. She will thank you and that will be the end of the quest. Or, you can choose the “Perhaps a reward – to keep the diary a secret” option. Naturally, she won’t be pleased to hear this. You have the option of going through with this blackmail (“Perhaps I’m not”), or convince her you aren’t serious (“I’m only joking”). If you decide to go through with the blackmail, she will pay you 300 Galleons.

So, which is the better choice here? Like most other choices in the game, it all comes down to what sort of character you want to role-play as. If you are a good sort, you will give her the books without any fuss. And if you want to earn some extra cash, you can ask her for a reward. There are no long-term consequences for either choice, so select whatever you want.

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