Butterfly Puzzles Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot

Not sure how to open butterfly doors in the Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot quest? You’ve come to the right place! The wizarding world action RPG hides numerous secrets and puzzles for players to explore and solve. In this guide, we provide a solution for the Helm of Urtkot quest butterfly puzzles, including instructions on how to unlock moth doors in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Butterfly Puzzles Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot
How To Open Moth Doors Hogwarts Legacy

How To Open Butterfly Doors in Hogwarts Legacy Helm Of Urtkot Quest

The Helm of Urtkot quest requires players to meet with Lodgok, who’ll show them the way to the witch’s tomb, where we will need to find the helmet. The quest requirements say that we must be at least level 12 and have previously learned the Depulso spell. The fact that Depulso is a requirement is quite telling, as it means we will most certainly need to use it in the puzzle-solving process.

When you enter the tomb, one of the very first things you’ll stumble upon is a sealed magical door. The most prominent feature of this door is the three slots for moths (or butterflies). So, how to solve the Butterfly puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy? You’ll need to slot in the three moths into the grooves carved on the door’s surface. Two moths will already be inside, while the third one is just to the left of the door, standing near a pedestal.

And how to bring the third moth to the door? Well, what attracts moths the most? Light! You need to cast Lumos near a moth, and it will start following your illuminated wand. Guide the third butterfly towards the door, and it will enter its slot. And with that, the doors will open! Just repeat the process for all other Hogwarts Legacy Butterfly Puzzles on your way down to the witch’s tomb.

How to Active Moth Device in Helm Of Urtkot Quest

One final note. As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll need the Depulso spell for this quest. You will use it to break some doors in order to reach some of the butterflies, as well as to defeat Inferious. You’ll also need to use Depulso on a strange moth-shaped device for the third door in order to move it and raise the column to reach the third butterfly. With that said, our guide is complete. If you have any questions, ask us in the comments section!

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