Catch Puffskein Hogwarts Legacy

If you want to know how to catch Puffskein in Hogwarts Legacy and where to find the Puffskein locations, then you’re in the right place. The adorable cat-like puff-balls are sometimes difficult to find, especially if you’re chasing them around in the dark. So, with all of that said, let’s dive in!

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catch puffskein hogwarts legacy
Catch Puffskein Hogwarts Legacy

How to Catch Puffskein in Hogwarts Legacy

To catch Puffskein in Hogwarts Legacy, you have to go through the same steps as with any other beast, be they shiny or not. You have to play through the game until you get the nab-sack, which kinda works like a big vacuum that sucks up animals. It has a limited range, so you basically have to time your approach and activation of the nab-sack so that the beast doesn’t run away. Some of them are more skittish than others. To lure a Puffskein, you can use its favorite toy, the Bogey Ball. Or you can levitate one in place to make things easier. Overall, though, Puffskeins don’t move too quickly, so that shouldn’t be that big of a problem. They move by rolling around, by the way, as if they weren’t adorable enough.

Hogwarts Legacy Puffskein Locations

Now that we know how to catch Puffskein in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s time to talk locations. As it turns out, there are several Puffskein dens dotted all around the map. We are going to provide you with map locations for several of them. If there are more of them out there that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments below.

Anyways, there are two dens you can find at the edges of the Forbidden Forest, near Hogsmeade. Another one is in the north of the Feldcroft region, north of Feldcroft near the lake. The next one is in Poidsear Coast, south of the Phoenix Mountain Cave Floo Flame. Lastly, there’s one den in Clagmar Coast, to the southwest of Clagmar Castle.

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