Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle, Third Landmark from Arthur's Treasure Map Location

In our Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle, Third Landmark from Arthur’s Treasure Map Location guide, we are going to show you how to solve Arthur’s treasure map. We are going to take you to the first, second, third and fourth landmarks, aka the rhino, the the dragon, and the painting. We will also explain how to discover the secret of the Cache in the Castle painting at the very end. It’s not that difficult of a quest once you know where to go and what to do. So, here we go!

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hogwarts legacy cache in the castle third landmark from arthurs treasure map location
Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle, Third Landmark from Arthur’s Treasure Map Location

Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle Treasure Map – Find 1st, 2nd, 3rd Landmark

To solve the Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle treasure map, you have to solve all the clues you get during the quest given to you by Arthur Plummly. By the way, you can find him outside of professor Fig’s classroom after completing the Welcome to Hogsmeade main quest. Anyways, the first landmark in Cache in the Castle is a rhino skeleton. From where you’ve met Arthur, head down the stairs and keep going down until you come across the skeleton. You can also fast travel to the Defense against Dark Arts classroom and go down one flight of stairs. Next, go further downstairs and exit into the Transfiguration Courtyard. Approach the dragon statue in the middle to complete the second step.

The next step to the solution of Arthur’s treasure map in Hogwarts Legacy, Cache in the Castle, head west from the dragon statue and through the door. Head up the short staircase and then turn right. The landmark is actually the staircase in front of you. Walk up the stairs until you reach a skeleton in a glass display. Next to it is a painting of a house covered in snow. Cast Accio on the “handle” at the top of the picture frame to reveal a secret door. Open the chest that lies in the hidden room, then report back to Arthur to complete the Cache in the Castle treasure map.

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