Hogwarts Legacy Tell Claire Beaumont Truth or Lie in Brother's Keeper

Should you tell Claire Beaumont the truth or lie about her brother in Hogwarts Legacy’s Brother’s Keeper quest? Dorothy Sprottle will inform us that Bardolph Beaumont, Claire’s brother, has gone missing. Apparently, he was seen in the Forest practising dark magic with Rookwood. And that didn’t end well. In this guide, we explain the differences between telling Claire Beaumont the truth or lying in the Brother’s Keeper quest and what the consequences are.

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Hogwarts Legacy Tell Claire Beaumont Truth or Lie in Brother's Keeper

Hogwarts Legacy Tell Claire Beaumont the Truth or Lie About Her Brother

Although based on the Harry Potter series, which are children’s books, Hogwarts Legacy is a rather dark game. There’s quite a lot of death and tragedy here. Moreover, many of those deaths will be caused by you. This includes Bardolph Beaumont, Claire’s brother. You will not kill him directly, but he will turn into Inferious, and you’ll eliminate his undead version. And then, the most challenging part comes, should you tell Claire about her brother’s death or lie to her? Here are the two options presented in the dialogue with Claire:

  • I’m afraid he’s dead.
  • He’s decided to pursue a new life.

Thus, which one should you pick, what are the differences, and what are the consequences? Unfortunately, as with most dialogue choices in Hogwarts Legacy, there’s no difference. Hence, the result is the same here as well. If you tell the truth about Claire’s brother, you will explain that Bardolph has turned into Inferious, and that you recognized him by his woollen jumper, which she had knitted for him. She will be sad and cry, but at least she will know the truth.

If you lie to Claire about her brother and tell her that Bardolph decided to pursue a new life and has joined the Ashwinders, she will also be sad and start crying. Hence, there’s no reason to lie to her. You will receive a Wand handle and a handful of XP in both outcomes. With that said, our “Tell Claire Beaumont Truth or Lie in Brother’s Keeper” is completed.

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