Missing Dark Arts Cosmetic Pack Hogwarts Legacy

If you can not find your Dark Arts Cosmetic Set items in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ve come to the right place! The Dark Arts Pack is a part of the deluxe edition pre-order bonus. It is one of the several Deluxe Edition bonuses and arguably the most exciting one. However, it seems that the Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts Cosmetic Pack is missing for many players. This guide provides several possible solutions if you don’t know where to find these items.

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Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts Cosmetic Pack Missing Solution

Solution For Dark Arts Cosmetic Set Missing in Hogwarts Legacy

So, where to find these Dark Arts Cosmetic set items? The first thing we need to clear out here is the fact that these are not actual items per se. Instead, as the name suggests, they are just a cosmetic change to the items which you already have equipped. Hogwarts Legacy features a transmog system, which allows you to change your appearance to your liking without the need to sacrifice all the good stats and effects from the items whose look you don’t necessarily like.

Hence, in order to find your missing Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts Cosmetic Pack items, what you need to do is open your Wizard’s Field Guide, head to the Gear menu, select any equipped item, and press “Square” (or counterparts on other platforms) to open the “Change Appearance” menu. This will open the Appearance menu, where you can see which cosmetic options are currently available for that item. From there, simply select a visual look which you would like to apply (Dark Arts Cosmetic are under the “collections” tab), and press “X” to change the appearance of the currently selected item. And that’s it!

Before we finish our guide, there’s one other thing to mention. If you are still missing your Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts Cosmetic Set items, you might need to ensure that they are downloaded to your device. From the main menu, on the character selection page, there’s a section named “additional content”. Check here to see if the content is downloaded, and if not – download it!

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  1. R
    Ricardo Ruiz

    I ordered it still don’t appear what do I do ?

  2. R
    Rebekkah wilson

    I did what you say nothing happens. Got screwed buying extended version just to have these special gears and dont even get to access it I am almost done with the game never got what i paid for.

    1. J

      Don’t go into cloak and robes, just hover over that option and hit square

  3. R

    I just dont have it at all like i have bought the deluxe pack but nothings there!! I went into the challenges and it says I’ve got the i teams but like i dont?

    1. M

      I know how to help you.! I had the same problem. In your box there is a paper that has a code. You have to go to Microsoft/redeem and put the code in when logging into the same email for your Xbox and it works!

  4. M
    Mathew W Stevens

    This is great for people that don’t know how to use the Transmog (changing appearance). I have had the Dark arts stuff for a while now and today I logged in and it isn’t there tried different clothes to see if it was conflicting with what i was wearing. But nope just not there anymore. It says i still have the DLC loaded but they are gone including my mount.

    1. V


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