Hogwarts Legacy Defeat the Thieves Bug Fix, Trials of Merlin

If you are suffering from the Hogwarts Legacy Trials of Merlin bug, where nothing happens after you defeat the thieves, we have a solution! Hogwarts Legacy is an enormous open-world game, and it was bound to have some minor bugs here and there at launch. One such bug prevents you from progressing the “Trials of Merlin” quest. In this guide, we provide solutions for the “Defeat the Thieves” bug in Hogwarts Legacy’s Trials of Merlin quest.

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Hogwarts Legacy Defeat the Thieves Bug Fix, Trials of Merlin
Hogwarts Legacy Trials of Merlin Bugged, Stuck On Defeat the Thieves Fix

How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Defeat the Thieves Bug, Trials of Merlin Quest Bugged

Trials of Merlin is the thirteenth main quest within Hogwarts Legacy. Successfully completing the quest will unlock your Merlin Trials. The quest starts with the “Help the stranger” task, where you spot the two dark wizards threatening Nora Treadwell near her tent at the lake. You will need to defeat these two Ashwinder Scouts. Immediately after that, two more will appear alongside an Ashwinder Duellist.

However, there’s a bug for many players at this point in the game. Namely, even after they beat the two thieves, the Trials of Merlin quest doesn’t progress. And players get stuck at the “Defeat the Thieves” bug. So, can we fix this? According to the reports, the best solution for this is to abandon the quest and start it over.

“Welp, I just went into the menu and “abandoned” the quest and started it again,” says Reddit user MBrein799. “And after you defeat the initial 2 thieves, 2 more and a new special enemy appear and I was able to complete it.” It is important to note that you must do this via the menu. And not by walking away and abandoning the quest.

Aside from this one, there are some other solutions to fix the “Defeat the Thieves” bug in Hogwarts Legacy. As reported by players in this Steam thread, here’s what else you can do:

  • Abandon the quest and finish a different one first.
  • Create a new save after the two thieves are down.
  • Finish the first two thieves off outside of the circle.
  • Do a manual safe after the fight against the initial thieves.
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