Fix Lost Save and Progress in Hogwarts Legacy

Wondering how to restore corrupt save files and lost progress in Hogwarts Legacy on PC? The open-world action RPG set in the beloved wizarding universe is finally here, and it is already a smashing success. However, the launch hasn’t been without its fair share of issues. This includes things like saves not being recognised by the game, missing save files, and lost progress in Hogwarts Legacy. This guide provides a potential solution on how to fix lost progress in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Fix Lost Save and Progress in Hogwarts Legacy
How to Restore Lost Progress in Hogwarts Legacy?

How to Restore Corrupt or Lost Save File in Hogwarts Legacy

When a game is as massive as Hogwarts Legacy, where you can clock in around 35 hours just by playing the main story, losing a save file can be an excruciatingly miserable experience. When it happens, it’s absolutely frustrating, and many players even lose the will to continue playing after this. If you are suffering from the Hogwarts Legacy corrupt save file issue, we might have a potential solution which can help you restore your lost progress in Hogwarts Legacy.

The solution we offer here was shared by several users who have experienced the same “Hogwarts Legacy Lost Save and Progress” problem. Many players confirmed that this trick helped them, so we hope it will work for you as well. Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, find and open this folder – “C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\SaveGames\%RANDOM NUMBER%\”
  • Second, make a backup copy of the entire folder. Best to save it on your desktop.
  • In the original folder, delete every save file except the oldest one (it will be something like “HL-00-00.sav”).
  • Start a new game and a new save.
  • Play until you reach the first autosave point (when you receive a healing potion).
  • Exit the game, and copy the name of the last save file that the game created.
  • Now rename your original save file (the one called “HL-00-00.sav”) with the name of the last save file.
  • This will overwrite the new save file.
  • Start the game again; your old save and all the progress should be there.

Hopefully, with this method, you will be able to restore your lost progress, and corrupt save files in Hogwarts Legacy. With that said, our “Fix Lost Save and Progress in Hogwarts Legacy” guide is completed.

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