AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz Answers December 2022

If you’re looking for the answers to the December 2022 AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to give you a comprehensive list of all the questions and correct answers in this year’s quiz. There’s quite a lot to get through, so let’s dive in.

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afk arena poetic pop quiz answers december 2022
AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz Answers December 2022

AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz Questions & Answers 2022

You can find the December 2022 AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz questions and answers revealed so far in the list below. Every day has five questions, and there will probably be twelve days, if previous events are anything to go by. The more questions you get right, the better rewards you’ll get by the end.

  • Day 1, December 12th
    • Q: What is Solise – Water Animator’s hobby as a flower whisperer? A: Botany
    • Q: In what situation will a Polar Beast receive additional Beast Energy? A: When an enemy hero is being controlled
    • Q: What color are Audra – The Chaotic Star’s eyes? A: Blue
    • Q: Which of the following heroes’ weapon is not a sword? A: Eorin – The Forest Sting
    • Q: After their 9-piece Exclusive Furniture Skill is unlocked, what effect will result from Canisa’s (Canisa & Ruke) attacks? A: Reduction of the enemy’s energy
  • Day 2, December 13th
    • Q: At what age did Estrilda – Knight of Valor become a knight? A: Sixteen
    • Q: Which of the following is a Bounty Hunter? A: Fawkes – Death’s Defeat
    • Q: The Winged Lion is a flying beast that looks like what? A: A kitten
    • Q: Which of the following effects is dealt to surrounding enemies when a Pillar of Sin of Tarnos – The Atoner is shattered? A: Stun
    • Q: When Nevanthi – The Green Lady’s skill “Connecting Branches” reaches Lvl 2, which effect will it impose at the same time on the non-Boss enemy with the highest Defense rating? A: Defense reduction
  • Day 3, December 14th
    • Q: How many clones does Wu Kong – The Monkey King summon when using the skill “Cloud Clones?” A: Thirteen
    • Q: The Spirit Animation effect imposed by Solise – Water Animator will fail when the target is under which of the following effects? A: Healing restriction
    • Q: In which city is the capital of Lightbearer Empire located? A: Ranhorn
    • Q: Which of the following heroes does not belong to “Arcanists Union?” A: Mirael – The Burning Light
    • Q: What can excess Exclusive Furniture be used for? A: Strengthening furniture
  • Day 4, December 15th
    • Q: What Elemental Guardian is Nevanthi – The Green Lady? A: Wood Element
    • Q: Which of the following Rosaline – The Kind NOT use to attack enemies? A: Cleaning cloth
    • Q: What is the relationship between Gorvo – The Indomitable and Serius – Savior of the Sea? A: Friends
    • Q: Which of the following descriptions is false about Bade – The Knight of Blight’s skill mechanics when all of his skills reach max level? A: Multiple wooden doubles can exist at the same time
    • Q: How many layers of focusing effect can be stacked up to an ally hero when a Blade Ridge uses its skill Raiding Chariot (highest level)? A: Three
  • Day 5, December 16th
    • Q: What is the color of Theowyn – The Wailing Widow’s eyes? A: Purple
    • Q: What did Rowan – The Roamer once receive as gift? A: Aix
    • Q: Which Elemental Emblem gives Solise – Water Animator the power to protect her forest? A: Water emblem
    • Q: How much of an ATK attribute bonus is granted for using 4 heroes of the same faction in formation together? A: 15%
    • Q: Where will Canisa & Ruke – Chimera of Ire leap toward when they actively use their skill Lightning Lock? A: The area most concentrated with enemies
  • Day 6, December 17th
    • Q: Which Pillar of Sin Tarnos – The Atoner teleport himself to when the uses his skill Oathbreaker’s Strike? A: The one farthest from himself
    • Q: When Oku – Ironfist uses his skill Beetle Bash, how many beetles are used in the attack? A: 2
    • Q: Which of the following items is used to raise Engraving Levels? A: Elemental Core
    • Q: What is the name of Desira – The Sinister Siren’s Signature Item? A: Shell of Treason
    • Q: What type of beast is the Winged Lion? A: Avian
  • Day 7, December 18th
    • Q: After using his ultimate skill “Soul Feast”, while his shield exists, how much damage does Daimon take that is intended for his allies? D: 35%
    • Q: How many tails does Solise-The Floral Wonder have? D: 9
    • Q: Who’s the other hero that forms the union “True Adventure” with Pippa-The Muddled Magician? C: Raku-The Rascal
    • Q: The Statue of which Elemental Guardian is in the City of a Thousand Sails? C: Respen-The Windchild
    • Q: With which skill Nevanthi-The Green Lady uses the wood element to grant a stalk to the ally with the lowest health? A: Natural Gifts
  • Day 8, December 19th
    • Q: What is the maximum number of fireballs Astar – The Brilliant Flame’s skill Lantern’s Flame can produce?? D: 7
    • Q: Which entities will lose their health in a lava zone created by a Fire Breather with its lava skill Lava Sprouts (highest level)? B: All entities
    • Q: What was the relationship between Canisa & Ruke – Chimera of Ire before they became Hypogeans? B: Enemies
    • Q: Which of the following heroes’ weapon is not a bow? D: SKaz – Hand of the Wood
    • Q: Which of the following heroes does not wear glasses? C: Hendrik – The Defender
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  1. T

    From day 6 I started getting some different questions.
    Q: Which one of these heroes is NOT a ranger? A: Daimon
    Day 7
    Q: Which one of these skills is not Ezizh’s? A: ?
    Q: Which of the following does Rosaline NOT use to attack enemies? A: ?
    Could it be that the questions start to get different when you get all of them right?

    1. J

      Rosalind doesn’t use her napkin

    2. G

      For the Ezizh: Lord of Nightmares question, the correct answer is Horrify. It’s one of the skills regular Ezizh has, but not Awakened Ezizh

    3. T

      Thank you Stefan Djakovic aka JoeTheBard for this really useful guide 🙂

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