Focus Potion Hogwarts Legacy, Depulso Spell

Not sure how to complete professor Sharp’s Assignment 1? We’ve got you covered! Brewing and using potions is an essential part of the wizarding world experience. Naturally, it is an important gameplay component of Hogwarts Legacy as well. In the early stages of the game, Professor Sharp will give you an assignment to “Acquire and use a Focus Potion”, as well as Maxima and Edurus potions. This guide explains where to find a Focus Potion in Hogwarts Legacy and learn the Depulso Spell.

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Focus Potion Hogwarts Legacy, Depulso Spell

Where to Get Focus Potion in Hogwarts Legacy to Unlock Depulso Spell

Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 consists of two steps. And naturally, both of them are related to potions, as that’s what he teaches. First, he wants us to “field test a Focus Potion” and then do the same with Maxima and Edurus potions. Here are the exact two tasks:

  • Acquire and use a Focus Potion.
  • Acquire Maxima and Edurus potions, and use them simultaneously.

Hence, what you will need to do is to visit J. Pippin’s Potions, the local apothecary of Hogwarts, and buy the required items. However, it’s best not to buy a prepared potion. Rather, you’re better off buying recipes for the potions you need. And then brew them by yourself. The Focus Potion recipe will cost you 1,200 coins. Of course, you can still buy a dose of Fouc Potion, which will cost you around 500 coins.

Once you have the recipe for the Focus Potion, acquire the required ingredients and head to the nearest Potion Station to start brewing. For the Focus Potion, you will need the following components:

  • Lacewing Flies x1
  • Fluxweed Stem x1
  • Dugbog Tongue x1

Mix them together in a cauldron, wait for it to be prepared and ta-da! Repeat the same process for Maxima and Edurus potions, and make sure to use them together. Once you are done, report to professor Sharp, and you’ll unlock the Depulso Spell.

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