Hogwarts Legacy Tell Professor Weasley the Truth or Not Choice

You will be given plenty of dialogue options on how to respond in Hogwarts Legacy. This allows you to play the sort of character that you want. Are you the kind of player that always tells the truth? Or do you believe that it’s sometimes best to keep certain things to yourself? One of the early choices in hogwarts Legacy is whether to tell Professor Weasley about Fig or not. You can tell the truth to Professor Weasley (“There is, in fact”) here, or to lie (“I’m afraid there isn’t”). So should you tell Professor Weasley the truth or not, and what are the consequences for each choice in Hogwarts Legacy? Read on to find out.

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Hogwarts Legacy Tell Professor Weasley the Truth or Not Choice
Hogwarts Legacy Tell Professor Weasley the Truth or Not Choice

Should You Tell Professor Weasley the Truth or Lie in Hogwarts Legacy

At a certain point early on in the game, Professor Weasley is going to ask you about your adventure with Professor Fig earlier. You have two choices here – either to be honest, or to evade to answer the question. If you select the truthful option – “There is, in fact”, your character will tell Professor Weasley that you and Fig explored some ruins. She will be surprised by this, but conclude that Fig must have had his reasons for doing this. After that, you will be approached by Fig himself. He will ask what you have told Prof. Weasley. Whatever you choose here, he will surmise that Professor Weasley probably suspects more than she is letting on.

And if you decide to lie (“I’m afraid there isn’t”), Professor Weasley will have her suspicions, but won’t press the matter further. Fig will have much the same response afterward, and once again point out that Professor Weasley hasn’t been fooled. So, what is the best choice here? Well, since most of the dialogue options in Hogwarts Legacy usually don’t have any different consequences (apart from some different flavor dialogues), you can select whichever option you want here. Our recommendation is to select the option you feel best fits your character and your roleplaying preferences. Again, you don’t have to worry about not being able to progress in the game, or being locked out of any Achivements. Whatever you choose, the game will progress without any issues.

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