Hogwarts Legacy Follow The Butterflies, Clementine Choices

Follow the Butterflies is a side-quest in Hogwarts Legacy in which you will be tasked to, well, follow and find the butterflies in the Forbidden Forest. You’ll be given this quest by Clementine Willardsey. The quest is pretty straightforward, and at the end of it, when you report back to Clementine, you’ll be given a choice of whether to tell her what really happened (“Yes. And I was well rewarded”), or to lie to her (“Yes. Nothing exciting I’m afraid”). What should you select here? Well, here’s what each of the two Clementine choices in the Hogwarts Legacy Follow The Butterflies quest will lead to. It also seems like some players are having trouble with this quest being buggy, so we’re going to take a look at that problem as well.

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Hogwarts Legacy Follow The Butterflies, Clementine Choices
Hogwarts Legacy Follow The Butterflies, Clementine Choices

Hogwarts Legacy Follow The Butterflies, Tell Clementine Truth or Lie

Once you follow the butterflies, they will soon lead you to a treasure chest. Open it and go back to Clementine. When you speak to her, you can either tell her the truth, or lie to her and say that the magical butterflies aren’t real. So what do both dialogue options lead to? If you select the truth (“Yes. And I was well rewarded”), she will be very happy that the butterflies are real and that you got a reward from it. And if you lie (“Yes. Nothing exciting I’m afraid”), she will be sad, but will thank you for going there to check it out anyway.

Now, the obvious good choice here is to tell her the truth. You may be afraid that, if you do so, she is going to ask for the rewards from the chest. Luckily, this isn’t the case. There’s really no benefit from lying to her, but if you want to role-play a self-serving, even evil character in Hogwarts Legacy, you can always select that option as well.

Hogwarts Legacy Butterflies not Appearing Solution

Some players are reporting that the butterflies are not appearing for them. Naturally, this means that they cannot complete the quest. If you are also getting this bug, several players have reported that they managed to get it to work again by saving the game, exiting it, and then restarting the game. If this hasn’t done the trick, you should contact Hogwarts Legacy support for further assistance.

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