Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn Location

In our Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn Location guide, we are going to be talking about several things. Specifically, we will show you where to find the single Graphorn den in Hogwarts Legacy and explain how to catch it. We are also going to explain how to make a male or female Graphorn spawn in the den. Let’s dive in!

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hogwarts legacy graphorn location
Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn Location

Where to Find Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy

To find a Graphorn location in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to explore the southeast corner of Clagmar Coast. That is their only den, and it is pretty much the furthest point you can access in that direction. If you’re not entirely sure where to go, check out the screenshot below. They’ll guide you straight to where the Graphorn spawn. You can get there by traveling to the Clagmar Castle Floo Flame and going southeast. What we do have to mention is that you first need to complete the San Bakar’s Trial Quest and beat the Lord of the Shore before the beasts start spawning in the wild. Basically, just play the game until you manage to obtain a Graphorn as a mount. At that point, you should unlock the ability to catch them out in the open.

where to find graphorn in hogwarts legacy
Graphorn den location

So, that’s where you can find the location of Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy, but how do you catch them? Well, you have to defeat it in combat, of course. After you’ve depleted the Graphorn’s health bar, it will fall on its side and then slowly get back up. That gives you more than enough time to get the nab-sack out and capture the animal. That’s all well and good, but what if you want to catch both a male and female Graphorn, and only one of those keeps spawning? The solution is to change the time of day. Just open the map and hit the Wait button (R3 on PlayStation). Check whether the animal is of the sex you need. If not, wait again. Rinse and repeat.

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