Hogwarts Legacy Fwooper Feather for Garreth Weasley Choice

In our Hogwarts Legacy Fwooper Feather for Garreth Weasley Choice guide, we are going to show you the consequences of deciding to steal the Fwooper Feather or not. It seems like an important choice, if only because it might unlock something you wouldn’t get otherwise. Is there anything special about this choice? Let’s find out.

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hogwarts legacy fwooper feather for garreth weasley choice
Hogwarts Legacy Fwooper Feather for Garreth Weasley Choice

Hogwarts Legacy Steal Fwooper Feather for Garreth Weasley or Not Choice

It makes no real difference what you pick in the Garreth Weasley Fwooper Feather choice in Hogwarts Legacy. If you opt to help your fellow student by nicking the item from professor Sharp, he will brew the Edurus Potion and things are kinda gonna go crazy. expect some very weird noises and alarming colors. Once that’s all done, Sharp will come in and tell both Garreth and you off. If you try to deny your involvement with the chaos, you’ll get an extra little lecture about taking responsibility. On the other hand, if you refuse to help Garreth, he takes it in stride. He manages to get a feather on his own and still messes the potion up. He gets reprimanded by Sharp, but you don’t. That’s the only difference.

So, those are the two results of the Steal Fwooper Feather for Garreth Weasley choice in Hogwarts Legacy. You’d be fully justified in expecting that saying yes would maybe further your relationship with Garreth, or perhaps even unlock a special potion recipe. But nope; the only difference is whether Sharp gets angry at you or not. And even if you do provoke the professor by nicking the feather, there are no lasting consequences that we are aware of. It’s just flavor for what kind of character you want to play. And that’s about all there is to it.

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