Hogwarts Legacy Eyeball Chests, How to Open White Chest

The world of Harry Potter is filled with magic. This extends to just about every aspect of wizarding life. Of course, this likewise encompasses gameplay mechanics and elements in Hogwarts Legacy. For example, the White Eyeball Chest. This is a white eyeball chest that cannot be opened the same (ordinary) way that most other chests in the game can. If you try to open like you would normal chests – meaning, just stroll to it and attempt to open it up to get to what’s inside, you won’t be able to. And you definitely want to get what’s stored inside of it, since it usually holds better loot. No, you first need to figure out how to open it. So, how to open the Hogwarts Legacy White Eyeball Chest ? Read on to find out.

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Hogwarts Legacy Eye Chests, How to Open Disillusionment Chest
How to Unlock Eyeball Chest Hogwarts Legacy, White Chests

How to Open Hogwarts Legacy Eyeball Chests, White Chests

The Hogwarts legacy Eyeball Chest’s most obvious characteristic is its large open eye. This eye follows you wherever you go, just like the magical mechanical eye of Alastor Moody, and prevents you from opening it. This means that you have to find a way to not let it see you in the first place. As this is a world in which you can use all sorts of magical spells and abilities, the most obvious solution here is to – turn yourself invisible. There are several ways you can do this.

The first method involves using an Invisibility Potion. You can either craft this potion yourselves (once you get its recipe), or purchase it. Note that the chest’s eye needs to be closed while you are invisible. Otherwise, you won’t have the option to unlock it. The second way is to cast the Disillusionment spell on your character. Of course, you will first need to learn this spell before being able to actually cast it. Either of these will then allow you to get close enough to the Disillusionment Chest, unlock it, and get your hands on the great loot inside of it.

Disillusionment spell Hogwarts Legacy
Disillusionment spell Hogwarts Legacy
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