How to Use Broom Hogwarts Legacy

There are several tools of the trade that every Witch and Wizard must have in order to be considered a real magic user. The Wand is one of these, of course. And the other – the faithful magical flying broom. You will get access to a broom early on in Hogwarts Legacy, but how does flying work in this game? And how do you summon the broom itself in Hogwarts Legacy? We’re going to show you everything that you need to know about how to use the broom in Hogwarts Legacy right here.

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How to Use Broom Hogwarts Legacy
How to Use Broom Hogwarts Legacy

How to Use Broom on PC, Xbox, and PS5 in Hogwarts Legacy

To be able to use the broom, you’re first going to need to actually get it. We have an entire separate guide on how to obtain the flying broom and how to ride the broom in Hogwarts Legacy. Once you have the broom in your possession, you will, naturally, want to take it out for a spin. After all, that’s the flying broom’s main function in the game – to help you more easily and quickly traverse the vast open world in the game.

Once you have your very own broom, you are going to need to equip it to your Tool Wheel, and then summon it. How you do this depends on the platform you are playing Hogwarts Legacy on. If you are playing it on the PC, hold Tab, and press 3 to summon. On the PlayStation, hold L1 and press the Circle button. And for the Xbox, hold LT and press the B button. If you want to see how this looks like in action, we have our own video which shows how the protagonist takes flight. Finally, note that you’re not going to be able to use the broom in some areas. These include the interior of Hogwarts Castle, the town of Hogsmeade, and most dungeons.

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