Hogwarts Legacy Destroy Orb as it is Charging Up

The Destroy Orb as it is Charging Up Hogwarts Legacy dueling feat comes up during the Pensieve Guardian fight in the Percival Rackham Trial. It requires you to pop the orbs that the giant enemy summons every now and again. It’s not something you absolutely must do, but you still definitely should. With that said, here’s how to destroy the Pensieve Guardian orbs while they’re charging up and how to beat the boss in general.

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hogwarts legacy destroy orb as it is charging up
Hogwarts Legacy Destroy Orb as it is Charging Up

How to Destroy Orb While Charging Up in Hogwarts Legacy

To destroy the orb as it is charging up in the Hogwarts Legacy Pensieve Guardian fight in the Percival Rackham Trial, you have to hit it with a spell of the same color. What do I mean by that? Well, open your spell list. You’ll notice that all of them have a different color background. So, if the Guardian creates a yellow orb, you have to cast a spell with a yellow background to pop it. These include Glacius, Levioso, Arresto Momentum and others. If the orb is purple, use something like Depulso, Accio and Flipendo. Lastly, if he summons a red orb, use a red-background spell, such as Confringo, Incendio or Expelliarmus.

And there you have it, that’s how you destroy the orb while it’s charging up during the Pensieve Guardian fight in Hogwarts Legacy. Keep in mind that this dueling feat is completely optional; you can complete the entire fight without exploding a single orb. However, it is absolutely to your benefit to try and pop them. Doing so stuns the Guardian for a couple of seconds, allowing you to get a few free hits in. Considering the size of that health bar, every little bit helps. So, if you at all can, blow up as many orbs as you can in the Percival Rackham’s Trial fight. Other than that, it functions just like any other fight – keep hitting the Pensieve Guardian with everything you have until it drops. And keep dodging those attacks, because they hurt. A lot.

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