Hogwarts Legacy in the Shadow of the Study, Unlock Sebastian Sallow Crucio Quest

In the entire setting of Harry Potter, there are only three spells that are off-limits to good and law-abiding Witches and Wizards. These are known as the three Unforgivable Curses, one of which is the Cruciatus Curse. Also known as the Crucio Curse, this spell inflicts unimaginable pain upon the creature you cast it at. As such, it’s no wonder that its use is frowned upon. If you want to get it in Hogwarts Legacy, you will first need to unlock the Sebastian Sallow Crucio Quest, called “In the Shadow of the Study”. Here’s how to do this.

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Hogwarts Legacy in the Shadow of the Study, Unlock Sebastian Sallow Crucio Quest
Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Study, Unlock Sebastian Sallow Crucio Quest

How to Start In the Shadow of the Study, Hogwarts Legacy Crucio Curse

You are going to have the chance to learn all three Unforgivable Curses, starting with Crucio, from Sebastian Sallow, your Slytherin companion. Note that you don’t need to be a Slytherin in order to get this option, all four Houses can learn these spells. To get these spells, you need to focus on completing Sebastian Sallow’s Dark Legacy questline. The quest in question that will unlock the Cruciatus Curse is called “In the Shadow of the Study”. You will get access to this quest after you complete the “Welcome to Hogsmeade” Main Quest.

During Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow quest Sebastian will tell you that he is going to contact you via Owl. So don’t forget to check your Owl Post to find the message in question. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to progress the quest itself. One final thing to know here is that you need to be at least Level 16 to be able to learn this spell. After that, follow the quest’s instructions and you will soon get the opportunity to learn this powerful and malevolent spell for yourselves. Once you reach the point about learning Cruciatus Curse select the second or third option if you want to learn this curse.

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