Hogwarts Legacy How to Get More Gear Slots, Increase Inventory Space

Anyone who picks up this game will want to know how to increase gear slots and inventory space in Hogwarts Legacy. You begin with twenty inventory slots, which seems decent, but six of those are taken up by the clothes you wear. So, that’s actually only fourteen slots in game where they expect you to collect a bunch of stuff as you go. So, how do you get more gear slots in Hogwarts Legacy? Here’s what you need to do.

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increase inventory space hogwarts legacy
Increase Gear Slots and Inventory Space in Hogwarts Legacy

How to get more Gear Slots and Increase Inventory Space in Hogwarts Legacy

To increase your paltry, pitiful inventory space in Hogwarts Legacy (no, I won’t shut up about how little room they give you), you have to play through about a quarter of the game, give or take. Specifically, you need to finish the quest called The Girl from Uagadou where you explore Lower Hogsfield. After you wrap that up, the game will then point you towards the quest by the name of “Trials of Merlin.” These trials are scattered across the map, and their map icon is a kind of leaf. Completing two of these will grant you four extra inventory slots. Once you’ve done that, you can begin working on reaching the next step of the challenge by doing more Trials of Merlin and get more storage space.

And there you have it, that’s how you increase inventory space in Hogwarts Legacy. After you finish the first step of the Trials of Merlin, you’ll be able to seek them out and complete them out in the open. That said, you might need Mallowsweet leaves in your inventory before they will begin. We are not absolutely certain if that’s necessary at the moment; we’ll update the guide when we have more information. The Trials themselves are relatively simple puzzles. For example, you might have to guide moths into lamps with the Lumos spell or use the levitation spell to place boulders into holes in the ground, that kind of stuff. The bigger challenge is the annoyance of going through a quarter of the game with a piddly fourteen inventory slots.

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