Hogwarts Legacy Ominis Gaunt Undercroft, Lie or Betray Sebastian

In our Hogwarts Legacy Ominis Gaunt Undercroft, Lie or Betray Sebastian guide, we are going to show you what happens in each of the choices in the Shadow of the Undercroft quest. You’d think that this would have some lasting consequences, or at least change the outcome of the mission in some way. But is that the case in this truth/lie choice? Let’s find out.

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hogwarts legacy ominis gaunt undercroft lie or betray sebastian
Hogwarts Legacy Ominis Gaunt Undercroft, Lie or Betray Sebastian

Hogwarts Legacy Lie Ominis Gaunt or Betray Sebastian in Shadow of the Undercroft

It doesn’t really matter whether you lie to Ominis Gaunt or betray Sebastian in the Hogwarts Legacy Shadow of the Undercroft quest. Much like in the Tell Sebastian the Truth or Lie choice you had earlier in the mission, it all plays out pretty much identically. The only difference is in a few lines of dialogue. If you choose to “betray” Sebastian, pick “Sebastian showed me.” Gaunt will get angry that someone has revealed the Undercroft to you, and will remain terse for the remainder of the exchange. If you want to lie, select “I stumbled upon it.” Ominis will immediately call your bluff, get angry at Sebastian, and remain terse for the rest of the conversation.

So, yeah, whether you choose to lie or betray Sebastian to Ominis Gaunt in the Hogwarts Legacy Shadow of the Undercroft quest, the conversation will play out pretty much identically. And the later choice of “No threats necessary” or “I promise not to say anything” matters even less. No matter how you play it, Seb will be in trouble with Ominis, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Not that it’s a big deal, anyway, since Sebastian and Gaunt are long-standing friends. And a bit of a fun fact for those that are not too familiar with the broader Harry Potter lore: Voldemort is also a member of the Gaunt family. Ominis is about the same age as the Dark Lord’s grandfather, Marvolo.

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