Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes Bug Solutions

In our Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes Bug Solutions guide, we are going to discuss the possible workarounds for this problem. The issue is that, despite defeating every Infamous Foe they’ve encountered, the game still tells them they’re missing some. So, what are you supposed to do? Let’s try and figure this out.

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hogwarts legacy infamous foes bug solutions
Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes Bug Solutions

Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes Possible Bug Solutions

When it comes to the potential solutions for the Infamous Foes bug in Hogwarts Legacy, the one where you haven’t gotten all the foes despite completing the main story, there’s only one thing that can help. That is, of course, to finish everything in the game. By that, I mean fully doing every single mission, be it main or side. For example, there’s a troll in the Dale Family Tomb that you encounter during the “Beeting the Curse” quest. Said troll counts toward infamous enemies. Same goes for Grodbik, a goblin you run into inside The Coastal Mine in the Marunweem Lake during the Lodgok’s Loyalty quest. Basically, the answer is: comb through every inch of the game and leave not one enemy standing.

As far as we know, there are no other solutions for the Infamous Foes bug in Hogwarts Legacy. If you’ve cleared everything out, and the game still refuses to acknowledge it, then the only recourse is to contact support and hope for the best. I’m sure the developers are aware of the problem. Hopefully, they are working on a solution and will implement it in a future patch. Until then, all you can do is double-check whether you’ve annihilated every single enemy in the game. If you know of any other potential solution for this bug, let us know in the comments. You’ll save many other magic users a ton of headache.

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