Hogwarts Legacy Missing Conjuration, 139/140 Completion Issue Solutions

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are many Conjuration spells that you can acquire during the course of the game. You use these Conjurations to customize your Room of Requirement and Vivarium. In total, you can find 140 of these, scattered across the game. Some of these you will get from quests and side quests, others from Collection Chests, purchased from Hogsmeade, near butterflies, and in vivariums. But what to do if you are stuck at 139/140 Conjuration? Here are a couple of solutions for the Missing Conjuration if you are stuck at the 139/140 Completion Issue in Hogwarts Legacy. Hopefully, these will help you find that last Conjuration.

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Hogwarts Legacy Missing Conjuration, 139-140 Completion Issue Solutions
Hogwarts Legacy Missing Conjuration, 139/140 Completion Issue Solutions

Hogwarts Legacy Missing One Conjuration, 139/140 Completion Issue Possible Solutions

As you know, you will get these simply by playing Hogwarts Legacy, as they are present all over. If you are missing one Conjuration, to check which one (or ones) you are missing, first go to your Collections tab. From there, go into Conjurations. They are divided into several categories which depend on how you can obtain them. These are – Vendor, Quests, Challenges, and Exploration. Most players that are missing a Conjuration are missing the one from the Exploration category here. So where can you find this last Conjuration?

The problem here is that these are totally random, and you get them from Collection Chests. In total, there are 157 such chests on the map. One possible solution that has helped some players here is to go to South-east of Feldcroft, where there are two very easy-to-miss zones. The chests you are looking for could be there. Finally, you also need to know that it seems like this is a bug that has been introduced into the game after the last patch. Many players are reporting problems with getting this last Conjuration. So if you are completely sure that you have found all 157 chests, there’s nothing more to do except to wait until the bug has been fixed.

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  1. T

    Not a bug. There is 12 untracked chests inside of your room of requirement. 3 in each of the 4 vivarium.

    1. S

      Can you elaborate on this? I’ve googled thoroughly and can’t seem to find these vivarium quests you’re referring to

      1. D

        It isn’t a quest, the vivarium is the place where the magical beasts stay in the room of requirments. there are 4 vivariums, the beach, the swamp, the mountainous castle area, and the grassland…there are 3 chests in each one.

    2. K

      It is a bug. We have those 12 chests, all butterflies and all the chests counted on the map. Still one conjuration short.

      1. D

        Exactly! I have the same here. 139/140 and I got all Collection Chests from each zones, all three chests from each Vivarium and still one short.

      2. J

        Yeah says i have everything but am missing that one conjuration .

        1. A

          Had the same issue with 139/140. I returned to the butterflies location from the quest and they were still there. Might be worth going back and checking in your play through.

          1. F
            Flavio Suter

            That was it, thank you. I tried all butterfly locations but didn‘t check the quest location. After checking the quest location the butterflies were there.

            Fot others:

            Port to the Forbidden Forrest and walk across the bridge into the forrest.

    3. M

      Thank you!!! I neglected to explore them as they opened and the last ones I was missing were those untracked one from your comment! Thank you!

    4. C

      THANK YOU! I was 3 short. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what the hell I’m missing. I’ve collected every collection chest in hogwarts, hogsmeade and the highlands and I was just about to give up. Then i went back to check the first vivarium and apparently I straight up missed one there. I thought I had gotten them all, but apparently not. Going to check the others for the last two now, but I’m sure they’re there. Thank you, man.

      1. M

        What you mean with the easy to miss chests in South east of Felcraft ??

        1. P

          The bug was fixed on ps 5. Hogwarts will show 34/35 chests. Depulso puzzle 1 chests are reset. Go back and complete the puzzle again.

          Other wise start rechecking like stated above.

          1. G

            Yes the chests were reset, but the box still opens empty, the map says 0/1 fro Depulso Puzzle Room 1. I have already backtracked all the butterflies and have all the other chests including the vivarium ones, still broken.

    5. E

      You saved my day. I was struggling to find the last 4 conjugations and I was absolutely certain that each vivarium had two chests. Turns out that I overlooked one in each. Wow.
      This is an important piece of information that every guide I’ve seen missed out on.
      Thank you a lot.

    6. D

      Even with all 12 from the Vivarium chests and all areas saying I’ve found all the collection chest, to include the Highlands, Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Delves/Caves, and Following the Butterflies, one is still missing. So, a bug is very likely, especially since I’ve already platinumed the game with my first character.

  2. K

    So I found out I’d missed a butterfly because it wasn’t popping up on the map I thought I’d got it. There’s a chance that’s what it could be

  3. S

    I also have 139/140
    I checked all all maps and i filled everything, i also checked Hogwarts and hogsmeade and i filled everthing up.
    I got ALL trophy = Butterflies etc… the only i miss is collection.
    I checked all vivarium for the chest i also followed video to be sure.
    I also did the puzzles again in Hogwarts just to be sure, i also followed video.
    So what can be missed, nothing so it must be a bug

  4. T

    I was missing one conjuration and it turn out to be the butterflies from the side quest. It is not on butterflies maps. I looked online to see where it was and got there. The butterflies appears and I got the last chest.

    1. O

      yep. same thing halped for me

      1. I

        I went there Found the chest, and got nothing from it 🙂 So I still missing one conjuration and I have searched through everything.. Have every collectable chest, + vivarium ones so I have absolutely no idea what’s going on anymore.. It’s angering I can’t have the collector’s achievement coz of this bug..

  5. J

    139/140, last one was a butterflies over the bridge near forbidden forest entrance.
    Weird, because I have recently been there, and there were no butterflies to be spotted. Perhaps they are only triggered after a certain event.

  6. K

    Same 139/140. Map says I have them all. I got the vivarium 12. Zoomed in on each butterfly location and nothing comes up. Going to try returning to each location in person and see if I can find anything! Sure would be nice to know what i’m searching for though!

  7. J

    This is a bug for the PS5. I’m at the location for the last chest and it’s open but didn’t get the last conjuration. Map still shows the chest as well.

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