Hogwarts Legacy Open Main Gate in High Keep Quest

Figuring out how to open the main gate in the Hogwarts Legacy High Keep quest is one of the key steps in the mission. The solution to the puzzle is not super-difficult, but you can get stuck, especially if you’re not paying attention (or aren’t spamming Revelio like us). That’s why we’ve decided to put this guide together and help you out. Let’s begin.

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hogwarts legacy open main gate in high keep quest
Hogwarts Legacy Open Main Gate in High Keep Quest

How to Open the Main Gate in Hogwarts Legacy High Keep Quest

To open the main gate in the Hogwarts Legacy High Keep quest, you first need to find a way into the gatehouse. That’s after you’ve already managed to climb the battlement, of course. For more information on that, check out our Climb the Battlements Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep guide. You get into the gatehouse by going all the way down to the dead end. Look through the window and use Wingardium Leviosa to move the box across the room towards you. Then, backtrack to the other side of the building and break the wood barricade. Crouch and move through the “crawlspace” into the room that houses the actual main gate mechanism.

Now we’re at the step where you have to open the main gate to continue with the Hogwarts Legacy High Keep quest. First off, you need to hit the “valve” thing on the left with Depulso. This will raise the portcullis. Make sure that it goes all the way up; use Depulso twice if necessary. Next, cast Accio on the giant handle behind the portcullis to lower a large chunk of wood. The portcullis will then fall again, but the wood will keep the gate open. From then on, the quest is pretty straightforward. There are a few other puzzles along the way, but that’s a matter for a future guide. Overall, though, it’s mostly about following the quest markers. You’ll be fine.

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