Solved by the Bell, Hogwarts Legacy Musical Map Treasure

In our Solved by the Bell, Hogwarts Legacy Musical Map Treasure guide, we are going to show you how to complete this side quest and obtain the hidden treasure chest. The clue gives you a vague idea of where you’re supposed to go and some notes. Even if you can use it to figure out where the puzzle is, it’s difficult to figure out what to do with it. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know.

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solved by the bell hogwarts legacy musical map treasure
Solved by the Bell, Hogwarts Legacy Musical Map Treasure

How to Complete Solved by the Bell Musical Treasure Map in Hogwarts Legacy

To complete the Solved by the Bell Musical Map in Hogwarts Legacy and get the treasure, the first step is to figure out where it is. Well, you need to go all the way down south to Clagmar Castle, which is in the center of the Clagmar Coast region. You can see where it is in the first screenshot below. If you approach the castle from the west, you’ll see a tall wall with one circular window and two long, narrow ones. If you fly through one of those narrow windows, you will immediately find the bell puzzle on the left. That way, you can avoid fighting all the enemies patrolling the ruins. Or you can just beat them all up, whatever you want.

The next step to complete the Musical Map riddle in Solved By the Bell in Hogwarts Legacy and get the treasure is to play the first eight notes of the Harry Potter theme on the bells by hitting them with a spell. The clue you get shows you which bell corresponds to which note in the scale, but it doesn’t tell you which melody to play and how. So, instead of having to look up a transcription, just use the second screenshot above. You don’t need to play the the theme in the exact rhythm; as long as you hit the bells in the correct order, you’ll be fine. A chest will spawn next to you after you’re done.

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