Unlock Unicorn Door, Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower Door

Besides the magic and character relationships, the Harry Potter books and movies are also known for their mysteries and puzzles. Naturally, Hogwarts Legacy also features a great number of magical puzzles that you will need to solve along the way. One of these is the Unicorn Door. Located in the Clock Tower, this door requires that you figure out how to use the clock tower’s mechanism – specifically, the giant pendulum – to open it. But what do you need to do to get this to happen? We are going to show you exactly how to unlock the Unicorn Door in the Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower.

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Unlock Unicorn Door, Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower Door
Unlock Unicorn Door, Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower Door

How to Open Hogwarts Legacy Unicorn Door in Clock Tower

The Unicorn Door is just one of the doors that are located in the Clock Tower. They correspond to the round symbols you will see around the large central window there. These are, from left to right: Unicorn, Owl, Twin Dragons, and Scarab. Each of these symbols corresponds to a door in the Clock Tower. But for the purposes of this guide, we are only going to focus on the Unicorn Door. To open it, you are first going to need the Arresto Momentum spell. You can get this spell from completing Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2.

Once you have obtained the spell, go to the Clock Tower and stand directly in front of the swinging pendulum. You need to position yourself so that you see when the pendulum crosses over the round symbols – and the Unicorn symbol in particular. The pendulum isn’t too fast, but you still need to time it right. When it has swung directly in front of the Unicorn symbol, quickly cast the Arresto Momentum spell at the pendulum. This will freeze it in place for a short while. Then run to the Unicorn Door to the right, and you will see that you can now unlock it. You’re now free to explore what’s inside.

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