Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat Daring, Loyalty, Curiosity or Ambition Choice

In our Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat Daring, Loyalty, Curiosity or Ambition Choice guide, we are going to show you which option to pick and what they mean. Basically, what you choose helps the Sorting Hat place you in the correct house for your character. So, in this guide, we’ll basically show you which trait each house values above others. Let’s begin!

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hogwarts legacy sorting hat daring loyalty curiosity or ambition choice
Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat Daring, Loyalty, Curiosity or Ambition Choice

Daring, Loyalty, Curiosity or Ambition Sorting Hat Choice in Hogwarts Legacy

When you put the famously grouchy Sorting Hat on your head in Hogwarts Legacy, you will have the choice between daring, loyalty, curiosity and ambition. This helps determine which house your character will go to. Now, the Harry Potter nerds will probably know which option stands for which house, but if you don’t, then read on. Daring is for Gryffindors, since their courage is one of their main traits. You know, the same thing that causes so many problems throughout the books, but I digress. Next, we have curiosity. This is the one of the defining features of Ravenclaws, along with their intelligence and probably insufferable smugness.

The next option we’ll cover in the Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat daring, loyalty, curiosity or ambition choice is loyalty. That’s for all you lovely Hufflepuffs out there. As the hat’s song from the first book says: “You might belong in Hufflepuff / Where they are just and loyal.” Last, but not least, we have ambition. As you’ve probably surmised by now, that’s the characteristic the Slytherin house prizes above all else. Well, that and cunning and resourcefulness and bigotry and hunger for power. You know how it goes. So, if you know which house you want to be sorted in, now you know which of the four options to pick. And I know for a fact a lot of you have already completed the Pottermore house quiz. Ravenclaw for life!

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