Hogwarts Legacy Well's Treasure Well, Well, Well Map

The Hogwarts Legacy well’s treasure map is a part of the appropriately named Well, Well, Well side quest. The clues you get show you a tree that you need to use Levioso to lift into the air, and also a bunch of ruins that could be anywhere. So, in this guide, we will show you both where to pick the treasure map up and explain how to solve it.

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hogwarts legacy wells treasure well well well map
Hogwarts Legacy Well’s Treasure Well, Well, Well Map

How to Solve Well’s Treasure Map in Hogwarts Legacy Well, Well, Well Quest

To solve the well’s treasure map in Hogwarts Legacy, you first need to know how to begin the Well, Well, Well side quest. To do that, you need to go to the southeast of the castle. We are going to show you exactly where the magical well is in the screenshots below. And, yes, you get this quest from an actual magical well that speaks. After you have a brief conversation with the thing, you’ll receive the treasure map. It shows pretty clearly what you have to do, but is not as great at communicating where. Turns out, you need to go way south, to a bunch of ruins in the Feldcroft Region. Again, check the screenshots below to see where the location is.

Once you get to the place where the well’s treasure map in Hogwarts Legacy needs you to be, the next step is to find a tall tree. It’s across the bridge leading away from the main cluster of decrepit buildings. The tree will become highlighted when you approach it, indicating that you can interact with it. So, cast Levioso and lift the tree from the ground. You’ll immediately notice that there’s a treasure chest enveloped by the roots. Simply approach the chest and open it to solve the treasure map and complete the Well, Well, Well side quest. I don’t know which reward you will get, but for us, it was the treasure-seeker’s bicorne hat.

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