Where to Find Challenge Rewards Hogwarts Legacy

Not sure how to claim Challenge Rewards in Hogwarts Legacy? The long-awaited wizarding action RPG world is here, and it has arrived filled to the brim with compelling content. One of the particularly exciting features is the ability to customize your player character to the smallest details. This guide explains where to find Challenge Rewards items from quests, field guide pages, etc.

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Where to Find Challenge Rewards Hogwarts Legacy
How to Equip Challenge Rewards

How to Claim Challenge Rewards in Hogwarts Legacy

During your adventures in Hogwarts Legacy, you will constantly be rewarded with various items simply by doing challenges, completing quests, adding Field Guide pages, and so on. This Challenge Rewards gear includes various items which you can equip to your character. However, many players report the same problem – they don’t know where to find Challenge Rewards in Hogwarts Legacy. “I’ve unlocked quite a bit of the challenge reward gear, but when I claim it, it doesn’t show up in my gear menu. I can’t see it, Can’t equip it; it’s just nonexistent,” says Reddit user u/muffbuster2, and he’s not the only one. So, what’s the issue here?

The answer here is rather simple – most of these items are not actually gear which you can equip. Rather, they are cosmetic items which you can only use to change the appearance of your already equipped items. So, in order to find your Challenge Rewards in Hogwarts Legacy, do as follows:

  • Open your Wizard’s Field Guide (the main in-game menu/journal).
  • Head to the Gear menu.
  • Place your cursor over any of the equipped items.
  • This will show you the option to change your appearance.
  • Press square on the PS5, X on the Xbox Series X/S, and F on the PC when you are hovering over the gear you want to change the appearance of.
  • This will open the “Change Appearance” menu.

Here, you can see which cosmetic items are available for that specific piece of gear, including your Challenge Rewards. With that said, our “Where to Find Challenge Rewards in Hogwarts Legacy” guide is completed! If you have any other questions, ask us in the comments section, and we will answer!

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