Honkai Star Rail Borrow Character From a Friend Explained, Friend Support

In our Honkai Star Rail Borrow Character From a Friend guide, we are going to explain how this system works and how to get friend support. It’s not super-intuitive, especially if you’re coming in from Genshin Impact and are used to the multiplayer co-op there. Still, once get familiar with the system, it’s not that complicated. So, let’s dive into it!

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honkai star rail borrow character from a friend explained
Honkai Star Rail Borrow Character From a Friend – Friend Support

Borrow a Character From a Friend in Honkai Star Rail – Friend Support

To borrow a character from a friend in Honkai Star Rail, they first have to set their character as a Support. To do that, they need to open the in-game menu and select their Trailblazer profile. The next step is to click the Support Character tab and select their character from the list of units. In order to borrow one of these characters, you can enter any Calyx (or Cavern of Corrosion) and then hit Challenge. This brings you to the character select screen. Select the Support icon on the right of the screen and select a Support character from the menu. You might need to communicate with your friend to help you find their character, but that’s about it. Instead of completing missions together, players can only use their friend’s support units.

And that’s how you borrow a character from a friend in Honkai Star Rail. A few things to mention at this point. First off, this is the only multiplayer co-op the game currently has on offer. Maybe it will change later on, who knows. Next, you want to set the best characters you have as Supports. That way, yo u increase the odds of somebody actually using them. Why is this important? Well, because you receive various bonuses when somebody uses your character as a Support. Thirdly, you don’t have to use only Support characters from friends; it can be strangers, too. Lastly, Calyxes and similar activities are the only situations where you can summon help this way. If it’s regular story combat or the like, you have to figure those out on your own.

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