Honkai Star Rail Tier List 1.5 Update

Like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail is a gacha RPG in which we have dozens of characters to play as. Considering that both of these games have been developed by miHoYo, we can expect these characters to be both powerful, as well as to come with engaging storylines and fun personalities. Though, just like in Genshin, not all of them are equally strong when it comes to combat. No, some Honkai Star Rail characters are simply better than others. If you want to know which ones you should aim on getting, we are going to rank all of them in our Honkai Star Rail Tier List 1.5 Update guide. This also includes the latest characters that have been added to the game: Huohuo, Argenti, and Hanya.

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Honkai Star Rail Tier List 1.5 Update
Honkai Star Rail Tier List 1.5 Update

Honkai Star Rail Tier List of Best Characters 1.5 Update

Now, before we get to the rankings, we have to point out a couple of things about this first. To begin with, the game hasn’t been out long. This means that this is simply a broad overview of the characters and their power rankings, and these may change in the future as we have had more time to play with them and as new game content is released. Like in Genshin, more characters bound to be added to the game in future updates. And existing characters are probably going to be changed with nerfs and buffs to their abilities as time goes on. So consider this guide a work in progress, one which we’re going to update with new info from time to time. And now, let’s finally see the tier list itself:

  • S Tier: Imbibitor Lunae, Silver Wolf, Jingliu, Tingyun, Seele, Argenti, Bronya, Fu Xuan, and Luocha.
  • A Tier: Bailu, Kafka, Topaz, Gepard, Lynx, Trailblazer (Fire), Jing Yuan, Asta, Blade, Clara, Pela, Yukong, Welt, and Huohuo.
  • B Tier: March 7th, Dan Heng, Himeko, Hanya, Natasha, Guinaifen, Hook, Yanqing, Luka, and Sushang.
  • C Tier: Herta, Arlan, Trailblazer, Serval, Qingque, and Sampo.
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