How to Change Trailblazer Path Honkai Star Rail

If you don’t know how to change the Trailblazer Path in Honkai Star Rail, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to explain how the system works. Of course, first we’ll tell you how to unlock the path of fire for your main character, aka the Preservation Path. Afterwards, we’ll go over how to switch from the Destruction Path.

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how to change trailblazer path honkai star rail
How to Change Trailblazer Path Honkai Star Rail

How to Change Trailblazer Path in Honkai Star Rail

To change the Path of your Trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail, you first have to push far enough in the main storyline, as we’ve explained in our Unlock Fire Trailblazer MC guide. This happens after you defeat a specific boss called Cocolia, Fabricated Mother. Once you manage to bring this enemy down (and a brief text explaining what happens next), the game will let you know that you’ve unlocked a new Trailblazer Path. Essentially, this just means that you can now change the damage your main character does from regular to fire. Which, you know, could be pretty useful. To make the change, open the character screen (upper right corner) and select the Trailblazer. Click the Switch button in the bottom right and then select The Preservation instead of The Destruction.

And there you have it, that’s how you change your Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer path. If you need visual assistance, check out the video by MELOO, from whom we’ve taken the screenshot up top. Now, what we do have to mention is that you can switch Paths again whenever you want to. You’re not stuck with a Fire main character for good. And are there other Light Cone types you can unlock for the Trailblazer? Who knows; the game is still young. Who knows what other secrets it’s hiding? Be that as it may, if you need help with something else in Honkai Star Rail, check out our other guides. We have articles like Collect Beacon Data, Signs of Fragmentum and many more.

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