Collect Beacon Data, Signs of Fragmentum Honkai Star Rail

In our Collect Beacon Data, Signs of Fragmentum Honkai Star Rail guide, we are going to explain how to complete this challenge. You need to scan four of these beacons, but the first challenge is to figure out what these things actually are. Hint: they’re not anything you might think they are. After we clear that up, we’ll show you where all four of them are. Let’s jump straight in, shall we?

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collect beacon data signs of fragmentum honkai star rail
Collect Beacon Data, Signs of Fragmentum Honkai Star Rail

Where to Collect Honkai Star Rail Beacon Data in Signs of Fragmentum

To collect beacon data in the Honkai Star Rail Signs of Fragmentum quest, you need to scan what look like floating, white Pokemon. You can see what they look like in the images below. The first one is in the room where the challenge begins, next to the guy standing lost in thought. Again, if you just can’t find it on your own, take a gander at the screenshots. Next up, head to the end of the large room in the northeast of the Storage Area. Keep your eye out on the left side of the room; you’ll find the little Pokemon thing between two boxes. Yes, not only is it impossible to guess that these are the beacons, but they’re also hidden pretty well, as we’re about to find out.

The third location to collect beacon data in Signs of Fragmentum in Honkai Star Rail is back towards the central area. Just before you walk into the center, look above the door. That’s where the third Pokemon is. It’s very easy to miss it, though it is less hard as you’re going back, because the camera is more merciful from that angle. The fourth and final beacon is down the corridor leading southeast. So, don’t go into the central area but walk down the corridor instead. You’ll see the thing floating next to a bunch of plants. After you scan all four beacons, report back to the NPC standing in the central zone to complete the quest.

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