Honkai Star Rail Music Bug, No Sound Issues Fix

If the background music is missing in Honkai Star Rail, you probably wonder what’s going on. Music is an essential part of the experience in any video game. It sets the mood of a level, it can create tension or relief, and it becomes a recognizable element which you associate with specific zones or characters. High-quality background music makes games so much more enjoyable. And that’s why many players are frustrated with the Honkai Star Rail music bug. Here’s what you can do about this missing sound issue.

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Honkai Star Rail Music Bug, No Sound Issues Fix

How to Fix Honkai Star Rail Background Music Missing Sound Issue

Honkai Star Rail has just launched, with dozens of millions of fans worldwide already playing the game. However, given that it is a fresh launch, some bugs are to be expected. One such minor but an annoying bug is the missing music in Honkai Star Rail. Many players report not having background music in Honkai Star Rail. “The background music is missing in my game, and I don’t know why,” says Reddit user HanaiZeto. “I did check for missing files, and everything seems alright. Restarted the PC and checked my audio input and drivers but without any result.”

Another Reddit user, that goes by the name JaredDrake86, shares a similar situation: “I seem to be getting a background music bug. All the sound effects and voices work. But the music is completely gone. Anyone else getting the same issue? How to fix?” And there are many other such reports. So, is there a solution for the missing music bug in Honkai Star Rail? It goes without saying, but the first thing you need to do is to make sure that your background music is turned on in the settings and that it is loud enough to be heard.

If that’s not an issue, then we’re currently aware of only one solution, as shared by Reddit user Feisty-Beautiful1799: “I had the same issue, and I went back to the main menu and in the top right clicked update, click the box that says “force update” and then rebooted the game. After that the game updated about 2GBs worth, and I had music in the game.”

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