Find Origami Crane Honkai Star Rail

In our Find Origami Crane Honkai Star Rail guide, we are going to show you where to find all the Origami Crane locations near the terminal in Supply Zone. Most of them are not that difficult to figure out, as long as you carefully explore the room. However, there is one that is hidden in a place that’s very easy to overlook. So, let’s find out where these paper birds are.

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find origami crane honkai star rail
Find Origami Crane Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Find an Origami Crane Near This Terminal in Supply Zone

There are actually several Origami Crane locations to find near the terminal in the Supply Zone in Honkai Star Rail. All of them are in or close to the room that the terminal is in. The first place to look is in the corner immediately to the left of the terminal itself. The next one you can find is in the other left corner, next to the door. Crane #3 is in the opposite corner, to the right of the door and behind the chest. The fourth and final origami bird is the most difficult to find. Head out of the terminal room and immediately look to the left. You’ll spot the crane hidden behind the potted plant.

Those are all the Origami Crane locations to find near the terminal in the Supply Zone in Honkai Star Rail. Once you’ve found all of them, go back to the terminal and interact with it. When prompted to enter the final password, select the longest string of numbers on offer: 1233211234567. After the admittedly comical resolution to the situation, you will be free to go on your way. You’ll also receive five thousand Credits and twenty Hertareum. Decent enough for the fairly little effort you have to put in (aside from that last one in the plant). And that’s basically all there is to it. If you have other problems with Honkai Star Rail, check out some of our other guides like How to Add Friends and Blue Memory Bubble Explained.

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