Fleeting Lights Honkai Star Rail

If you are familiar with the Spiral Abyss system from Genshin Impact, then you are going to be very pleased that there is a very similar system in Honkai Star Rail as well. It all starts with the Fleeting Lights quest, which then allows you to unlock the Forgotten Hall. This is a challenge area and when you complete the various challenges here you are going to be rewarded with bonuses such as an increase to the damage you deal. In this guide, we are going to show you how and where to start the Fleeting Lights quest in Honkai Star Rail.

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Fleeting Lights Honkai Star Rail
Fleeting Lights Honkai Star Rail

How to Start Fleeting Lights in Honkai Star Rail

To be able to get this quest in HSR, you will first need to complete Trial Of The Equilibrium Part One. You get this quest when your Trailblazer reaches Level 20. This means that you won’t be able to get this for quite a while, so keep playing the game until you have sufficiently leveled up your character. After that, you are going to receive a message from Pom-Pom. Go into your messages screen and you will see that Pom-Pom wants to talk to you. Go to the Parlor Car and speak with Pom-Pom there. You will notice a strange mirror nearby. Interact with it. A messenger will appear from out of it. Talk with the messenger, and this will unlock the Forgotten Hall.

Fleeting Lights Honkai Star Rail

In the Forgotten Hall, you can undertake optional challenges. Completing these will reward you with various bonuses. Once you have completed the first of these, the Messenger is going to ask you to keep their existence a secret from the rest of your companions. You have a choice of whether to tell them the truth or not. Whatever you choose, this is then going to complete the Fleeting Lights HSR quest.

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