How to Get Herta Bond Honkai Star Rail

If you want to know how to get a Herta Bond in Honkai Star Rail, don’t worry, you’re probably not the only one. You might have run into the concept of Herta Bonds relatively early on, but have no idea where to get them. Well, that’s what we’ll be explaining in this guide. Let’s begin!

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How to Get Herta Bond Honkai Star Rail

How to Get Honkai Star Rail Herta Bond

To get a Herta Bond in Honkai Star Rail (or as many as you can), you need to play Simulated Universe activities. You get them as First Time Clear prizes and as Weekly Point Rewards. So, that should be one of the incentives to do Simulated Universe stuff. These are on the Herta Space Station, and you unlock them by completing the quest called “Universe in a Nutshell.” The Sim Universe has two modes, Exploration and Challenge. To get to the Challenge Mode, you first have to complete Exploration. Don’t worry, the game will guide you to it. Of course, Herta Bonds are not the only rewards you get for completing the challenges. There’s also Aeon’s Blessings, Herta Collector Coins, and more. Plus, it’s a good way to train in what’s basically the Star Trek holodeck.

So, yeah, that’s how you get your hands on a Herta Bond in Honkai Star Rail. And for those wondering what they’re for, you can use them as a sort of currency in the Herta Store. There are various items to earn, so it is worth the grind. And, well, the other currencies you get from the Simulated Universe are useful, too. For example, you put the Herta Collector Coins in the Coin Gacha Machine and get random rewards that way. And there you have it. If you’re having problems with something else in Honkai Star Rail, take a look at our guides. There’s articles like Best Clara Team Comps, How to Change Trailblazer Path, and many more.

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