Honkai Star Rail Praise Of High Morals Use

If you have been playing Honkai Star Rail for a while, you may have received the so-called Praise of High Morals. This is a very interesting item that you get if you have been making good moral choices. But what can you use the Honkai Star Rail Praise Of High Morals for? Luckily – besides making you feel good for your noble actions – this item is not useless, and there is actually a use for it in HSR. We’re going to show you how and where the Praise Of High Morals can be used and what you can get for doing so.

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Honkai Star Rail Praise Of High Morals Use
Honkai Star Rail Praise Of High Morals Use

How to Use Praise of High Morals in Honkai Star Rail

You earn the Praise of High Morals by doing good deeds. This includes fixing the broken Curio at the start of the game, posting letters in mailboxes, and so on. If you have been a goody two shoes, you’re going to amass several of these Praise of High Morals pretty soon. But what can you use these for? To find out, make your way to Jarilo VI. Specifically, to the Administration District. Look for a large water fountain there and approach it.

You can investigate the fountain to interact with it. There are several options here, the one you should choose is “Fish the treasure out of the fountain.” When you select this option, you will then trade one of your Praise Of High Morals in exchange for a random item from the fountain. So far, we haven’t managed to find anything too useful this way, but it could be that you can get something valuable when you put enough of Praise Of High Morals in the fountain. In any case, this is what the Praise Of High Morals is used for in HSR.

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