Honkai Star Rail Trash Can Profile Picture

If you want to get the Honkai Star Rail Trash Can profile picture (and who wouldn’t), you have to go through a couple of simple steps. Steps that you would probably never think of on your own. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide, in which we’ll explain how to unlock the Trash Can profile icon or avatar in Honkai Star Rail.

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honkai star rail trash can profile picture
Honkai Star Rail Trash Can Profile Picture

How to Get Trash Can Profile Icon in Honkai Star Rail

To get the Trash Can profile picture or icon in Honkai Star Rail, you need to go rooting through a trash can. Yes, I’m serious. And March 7th will keep commenting on it. There are many trash cans all over the game, some of which you can interact with. In fact, there’s a quiz question that directly asks you how many trash cans there are in Belobog. The trash cans you can interact with have a small, yellow star above them. For example, there’s one in the Administrative District across the street from a bunch of chests, at the bottom of some stairs. There’s a uniformed guard standing next to it. When you interact with the trash can for the first time, the game will tell you that it’s just a trash can. This is a lie.

The next step to get the Honkai Star Rail Trash Can profile picture or avatar is to keep interacting with the thing. This will unlock new lines of dialogue every time. You just keep digging and digging deeper through the trash while trying to ignore March 7th’s condescending comments. Eventually, you will earn the Trash Can profile icon. It will take only a couple of minutes, and it’s well-worth it in my estimation. Then again, I am trash, so maybe that’s just me. To change your avatar to the Trash Can, open the in-game menu and click your profile picture at the top. It’s simple from there.

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