Death Door Code Horizon Forbidden West

Now that Horizon Forbidden West is here, players can once again step into the makeshift boots of everyone’s favorite archer – Aloy. Now in a different part of the world and armed with a whole new bag of skills and tricks, Aloy’s adventures will take her to some unexpected places. Many of these will require that you solve puzzles, and some of these puzzles come in the form of door codes. As part of the Main Quest “Death’s Door”, you will need to figure out the code to open one such door. In this Death Door Code Horizon Forbidden West guide, we will tell you which numbers you need to input in order to unlock that door and enter the next room.

Death Door Code Horizon Forbidden West

Death’s Door Code Location in Horizon Forbidden West

This door can be found in Latopolis, during the ominously-named “Death’s Door” Main Quest. While exploring this area, Aloy will come across a locked door, with a computer console next to it. When she tries to interact with it, she will realize that it is connected to the door and that it needs a code to open. But what is the code and where can you learn it? Well, in a hallway directly across the console, you will see an overturned computer with a purple holographic menu emitting from it. This is a Datapoint, and when you scan it, you will get the “Bad Urges” text log.

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There’s quite a lot of text there, but what you are looking for is the following section: “There’s the Moldova brain-hack of course, but also up and coming little devils like the know-it-all MEMEr, or my personal favorite, Sovereign 7482.” There’s the solution for the door code: 7482. Go back to the computer console and input this code and the door will open and you can enter the next room.

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