Daunt Relic Ruins Code and Key Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West The Daunt Relic Ruins code and key are items that you need to find to open the locked door and get the ornament collectible. You’re going to have to solve several environmental puzzles in order to get both things you need. This requires you to keep a sharp eye out on your surroundings and figure out the necessary steps to clear the path to both items. In other words, it’s pretty tricky, which is why we’ve written this guide.

daunt relic ruins code and key horizon forbidden west
Daunt Relic Ruins Code and Key Horizon Forbidden West

Daunt Relic Ruins Door Code Location Horizon Forbidden West

To get the door code and key for the Daunt Relic Ruins door behind which the ornament lies, head to the area directly below the ornament. That’s in the north of The Daunt complex, as shown in the images below. There, you’ll find a crate that you need to push deeper into the complex and slightly to the right. When you hit the edge, climb onto the crate and then onto the yellow rivet on your right. Take the path on your left until you hit a dead end, then go left again and drop down. Collect the datapoint and read it to get the code (it should be 1705).

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Where to Find Daunt Relic Ruins Key in Horizon Forbidden West

To find the Daunt Relic Ruins door key in Horizon Forbidden West, once you get the code, look up to the south. You’ll see a grate and beam that you can pull down with your pullcaster, so do that. Then, turn around and pull down another crate from the level above. Push the crate so that you can reach the beam and climb into the vent.

Once on the other side, go into the hole in the ground. Follow the underground path and keep your eye on the ceiling. Find the blue square that you can hitch your pullcaster onto and pull that part of the ceiling down. Go back out and turn north to find another blue square on the wall. Use it to pull the wall down.

Get the crate you pulled down earlier and push it into the hole that was behind the wall. Push it all the way to the yellow beam on the other side. Climb all the way to the roof and turn to the north. You’ll see the key on the balcony below you. Now you have both the Daunt Relic Ruins key and code, so you can get the ornament. If you need extra help, check out the video from Quick Guides, from which we got the screenshots.

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