Horizon Zero Dawn A Moment's Peace Quest - Where to Find Signal

A Moment’s Peace is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn. This quest can be found as soon as you get to city of Meridian, just talk to Vilgund. He is standing on the western side of town, and there is an exclamation mark above his head. In this guide we will show you how to complete A Moment’s Peace quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Horizon Zero Dawn A Moments Peace Quest Guide
Vilgund – the quest giver in Meridian

Where to find signal in A Moment’s Peace quest

Search for the Banuk Camp. The objective is to go to the north-eastern part of the map, and search for the Banuk. The rumor is that there is a camp surrounded by docile machines. Your job is to investigate their strange behavior. Once you get close to the destination, the objective will change to: Talk to the Banuk. Go talk to Siluk and Tikuk. They can be easily found in the center of the camp and destroyed Thunderjaw. Tikuk will give you the conversation option to investigate the camp.Search the signals with your focus. Use your focus, and aim high for the northern mountains. There is a small Unidentified signal that you can scan.

Horizon Zero Dawn Search the signals
Unidentified signal in the mountains

Once you scan the signal, you will need to go to its source. Climb the small stairs and jump to the ledge on the left. Keep climbing until you reach a pack of Glinthawks and a campsite. It would be wise to avoid Glinthawks and just pass unnoticed to avoid confrontation. Once you get close to the signal, the objective will change to: Investigate the voices. After you finish the conversation with Bajund and Menuf, continue forward and talk to Dorgeld and Garnund. Scan the Unknown Artifact and return to the Banuk Camp.

As you get down, the machines will start their attack, and your objective is to kill them all. You will get the help from the local inhabitants, making the fight much easier. Talk to Tikuk in the camp, and then return to Vilgund in Meridian to receive your reward. You will get an Extraordinary Reward Box and 3000 XP.



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    George Dominguez

    I did banuk camp but vigland wont talk to me. Did i.glitch it bu going to banuk camp first?

  3. C

    Thank you, I looked for like 20 mins for the signal and couldn’t find it. I was looking more on the ground

  4. A

    Fun Trivia note! If you complete ‘The Mountain That Fell’ before going to the banuk camp, Aloy notes that it was part of GAIA still active until now

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